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Our complete package costs just £49 a month and includes:

Web Design & Development

Key Facts:

  • Completely unique design
  • Matching your company look / style
  • Hand crafted for speed and quality
  • Features that fit your site
  • Free stock images *

Web design is our bread and butter, we have many years of experience building websites, dating back to almost the beginning. We remember the invention of Flash, the launching of Internet Explorer & the downfall of Netscape Navigator. We searched on Yahoo because 'Google' didn't exist and scared our friends and families by risking actually buying something on a website.

Now we build websites with the latest technology and to the best standards possible. Our websites look great on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones. If it suits your business we can create a Responsive Design, which means the website adapts to the screen it is on (if you're on a desktop computer or laptop trying collapsing this window and watch how the website adapts.).

With our extensive experience and huge amount of knowledge we can help you decide on the best online path for your website.

How we build websites...

The first stage is to design your new website in Photoshop, we will mock up designs for you until you are happy with one (we usually nail this part within 2 design but you can take as long as you like!).

We will then build your website by hand, we will code everything ourselves. We do this so that we create the perfect website, doing it by hand is the only way to get a website to look exactly how you want, there is no compromise to 'fit in' with software, it's all code.

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Domain & Hosting

Key Facts:

  • Free domain name
  • Unmetred hosting
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Free CDN membership
Domain and Hosting from Differo
Domain Name

Our package comes with a domain name of your choosing, that's any available (unregistered) .com, .net, .org or .co.uk domain for your business. The domain is registered in your name and belongs to you, we just pay for it! The domain is held with eNom, a leading domain registration company and one who's services we are proud to resell.


We will take care of your hosting too, we will not limit your use and will cover all costs. This includes unlimited email accounts at your new business domain providing a far more professional look than generic Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo addresses.

Content Delivery Network

As well as our first class hosting we will run your website through a content delivery network (CDN), this is something often reserved for the major players. In short it makes your website appear much faster as it will delivery it from a 'local' server to the user, rather than direct from us.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Key Facts:

  • Search Engine friendly
  • Submitted to Search Engines
  • Local SEO
  • Regular Updates
SEO from Differo

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of positioning your website within search engines. We offer site side SEO which means your website is built with Search Engines in mind. The hand crafted code will be very easy for them to read and find your information. Once we are done creating your new website we will submit it to all the major search engines for you and create a behind-the-scenes 'map' for Search Engines to follow all changes we make. This keeps your listings fresh, updated regularly.

Local SEO

If your business targets a specific geographic area we can help to promote your local listing position through more 'on-site' techniques.

Regular Updates

With the monthly updates we will be doing, keeping your content fresh and exciting, you'll be seen by Search Engines as a business that uses it's website and has up to date information, further helping your listing.

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